The Sharing Economy: Enabling the American Dream for Millennials


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Given the rise of the Sharing Economy, MindSwarms wanted to uncover Millennials’ attitudes and sharing brand relationships within this new economy. This curiosity led to the launch of a national study where we asked Millennials to talk about the Sharing Economy and how their participation in it differs from that of their parents.


Millennials felt that the Sharing Economy was a disconnect for their parents, a generation that places emphasis on “accumulation of things” (buy to own) to fulfill their American Dream. Many also indicated that their parents’ inexperience with and distrust of online reputations further limits their ability to find value in Sharing brand relationships.


In stark contrast, Millennials see great opportunity within the Sharing Economy and Sharing brands provide them with more attainable possibilities for prosperity within a challenging economy.


Brands like ZipCar, Lyft, Airbnb and TaskRabbit help Millennials to feel frugal, savvy, spontaneous and open for new experiences.


Sharing brands are truly shaping the lives of Millennials – providing them with a sense of opportunity to achieve their version of the American Dream.


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