Millennials and Holiday Retail Tactics


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Holiday shopping wars began much earlier this year. MindSwarms was curious whether shoppers perceive holiday retailing practices as manipulation or benefit. The reactions vary by age.

Those over thirty admit they often see retail manipulation, but feel they have mastered the ability to benefit. They recognize that retailers need to leverage the holiday sales season and so take a need-to-buy-it-anyway attitude toward purchasing. When it comes to deals, these older Gen Xers and Boomers pride themselves in their ability to not be lured by retailers and to control their spending.


Millennials are much more likely to feel manipulated and feel that retailers are actively trying to deceive them so they buy more than initially intended. Bait-and-switch product offerings were the most commonly mentioned tactic used by retailers to lure them into stores. Emotions ran most high about deceptive holiday pricing, with Millennials accusing retailers of often presenting false value by promoting lower quality items and marking original pricing as “sale” pricing.


One thing that both segments agreed on: no one likes the ever-extending holiday shopping season. Christmas advertising at Halloween leaves everyone feeling anxious. Millennials experience it as yet another tactic to guilt them into starting earlier, shopping earlier, and buying more. Older consumers see an infringement on family time and true holiday meaning.


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